V has left again. And in honour of that I was going to write about how we met. But that can wait because I have another idea.

Ok right now on Friends reruns Chandler is leaving for Tulsa. I feel the same way. Wahhh!

But back to the ‘idea’. As mentioned in the sidebar, quite belatedly I am addicted to SATC. I am hunting down the episodes all over the city. Unfortunately, nobody (none of the fake DVD shops) seem to have them. Huh. Has someone else had the same idea?

I realise now that the reason I didn’t fully appreciate SATC when I caught it when it first aired in India is because I was too young then. These women are thirty-somethings. I was in my early 20s (there’s actually an episode in season 2 about 20-somethings). They seem jaded because that’s how 30-something women are. I’m not quite there yet but hey, I have a few years to get more jaded and bitter.

Anyway, watching the episodes I realised that:
a) It’s really well-written and not contrived as I initially thought. Or even if it contrived it doesn’t matter because it’s snappy.
b) SJP kinda grows on you.
c) The questions at the heart of each episode are issues we all think about.

And so I decided I’m going to do my own out-take to SATC. Each time I watch an episode (and that’s a lot of times because I can do half a season in an evening) I have my own take on some of the things she says. Sometimes I agree. Sometimes I disagree. Sometimes I have something to add.

So, that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to write my own SATC reaction and then, if you please, you can write yours. Since I’ve already run through almost all of Season Two, I’m just going to go with the episode I just watched.

Without further ado