Since I’ve been going on in defense of the Chinese and the Olympics so much here are some criticisms:

1) The Chinese little girl who sang a song at the opening ceremony was only lip synching it turns out. Which frankly is ok, though even at the time I commented at how plastic she looked. But it has been revealed that there was another little girl who was actually singing and it was deemed that she was not ‘presentable’ enough. This decision went as high up as the politburo (can you believe it?) and was taken in ‘the national interest’. Honestly! It is the most ridiculous thing ever. I understand if the girl with the good voice was too shy to sing in public but that was not the case. It just appears that she was not cute enough (which – if you look at her photograph – she is, all Chinese kids are cute). But whether she is or isn’t cute enough is beside the point. The whole thing is just stupid… that the national cabinet should seek to control something as inane as this, how children should look. Ugh.

2) TVB Pearl, the Hong Kong channel that is airing the games, takes every opportunity to play the Chinese national anthem. First of all, their coverage is biased to events that Chinese participants will excell in – which is fine, I guess, but since it is the English channel and many of the viewers who watch will be from different nationalities they should maybe consider that too. But it’s more irritating to be subjected to the full Chinese national anthem every two minutes, in their edited coverage or even in their news reports. That telecast time could be used to show the actual sports, Chinese athletes or others. I really don’t understand this kind of weird sucking up and indoctrination. Also all the coverage of the games in Hong Kong is sooo pro-China, it’s dangerous. Whatever happened to balance – either you have the sniggering West, or the obsequious East.

3) I have been so pissed with my boss and my job that I lost interest somewhat in the Olympics. I know there is no connection between the two but just an indicator of how foul my mood is.