After two-and-a-half years in Hong Kong, I have finally joined a video library. It was surprisingly easy. You pay HK$30 and you get a membership card which enables you to rent movies from a closet-sized shop remarkably similar to the ones in India. Except, these are not pirated, bad prints I think, though I could be wrong. The girl at the counter even spoke English. Of course, most of the movies are Chinese but then in India most of the movies are Hindi.

I take this video-renting experience as a sign that I am putting down roots.

We rented The Darjeeling Limited. It is a very quirky film. My main observances are:

1) Natalie Portman is the new Audrey Hepburn. If anything comes close to that kind of perfection it is her.

2) Beautiful women should not be allowed to kiss mediocre looking men with moustaches in the moives. In real life, it is ok because there are more beautiful women than men.

3) The defining factor that unifies India is dust. Every single part of India is dusty.

4) It is still beautiful though once you get used to seeing through the dust. 100 points to this film for not airbrushing out the dust or heightening the colour so it looked more vibrant. It is exactly as is.

5) Except for the stewardess on the train. Women like her do not work on trains in India.

6) I am still scarred by being hit on my creeps that wouldn’t go away on trains in India to want to go travel by even so picturesque a trian as a Darjeeling Express.

7) I do not know what that Luftwaffe scene was about exactly. Something to do with the father dying but is it a reference to some film? I’m too lazy to look it up so can someone who has watched the film and has any thoughts please stand up.

8) Boys remain boys who want their mommies forever.