I have never supported the war in Iraq. I never understood it.

This morning I was watching some McCain convention and I heard the story of Michael Monsoor. This navy seal was a medal of honour recipient. During his time in Iraq, he ran into fire in order to save a colleague. He died by throwing himself on a grenade in order to save the others with him. They suffered only minor injuries.

Despite my feelings about war and armies, I have only admiration for this kind of courage. I cannot find words to describe the kind of spirit that sacrifices their own life, instinctively, almost without thinking, in the seconds it takes for a grenade to burst. Monsoor did not die quickly either – it took 30 minutes.

I also think ‘what a waste’. Although the presentation said he died for his country, I do not get what his country was doing out there. It would be one thing if Monsoor was defending their own borders. Or maybe in his mind they were defending some greater truth, democracy. It just seems rather fuzzy and completely wasteful of the life of a person whose courage could have been put to so much better use had he lived.

This war seems completely pointless to me but it has had it’s heroes, on both sides I’m sure (actually I’m not quite sure which the two sides are). In isolation every one of the people who goes out there and faces the worst kind of adversity is to be admired. But it would just be easier to take if it were for a clearer cause.