Suddenly I’m into the guy version of chick-lit, whatever it’s called. Books about the late-20s, early 30-something confused guy, generally going through some sort of pre-mid-life crisis. The author I most identify with this genre is Nick Hornby (think About A Boy).

Man and Boy, however, reaches beyond the genre. It is not just about being a single parent but about adult relationships to their parents (how, for example, the death of a parent is tragic at whatever age because the existence of your parents in itself is reassurance that someone will always take care of you, even when you may be taking care of them) and about modern attitudes to marriage and romance. The ending of this one may be too good to be true but the sentiments otherwise are very real and charmingly expressed.

This is a feel good book though it didn’t uplift me as much as the reviews promised. It reiterates old wisdoms about female power and the strength within us and touches upon race relations. Not a bad read but I think I’ve read better. What carries it through is the voice of the narrator. Somehow I get the sense that this one was written wth a movie in mind. I can just see Dakota Fanning as Lily.