I have always been careless and a little scatty. But this year it seems to be getting too much. In the past three months, I have:

a) Left my passport in the pocket of the seat in front of my on a flight. Luckily, I remembered but had to go back to the plane and then get them to specially let us in and out.
b) Left a Lonely Planet in the pocket of the seat in front of my on the flight toTaiwan. Some lucky soul got a free guidebook while I got a earful from my husband.
c) Left free shopping coupons in library book and returned library book. Frantic checking of book on shelves revealed that HKers aren’t as honest as I supposed.
d) Left id card at home and went for interview and had to apologise for not bringing it.
e) Left wallet with credit cards etc in office and had to rush to office at 7.30 am to ensure it was there.

Is this normal?