V and I realised we are probably the most anti-social Indians in Hong Kong. On the Jet airways flight to Bombay, we were the only ones who didn’t know every second person on the plane. Everyone else would enter and say a round of hellos as if this were a Christmas party or some such.

The difference between the Jet flight and, say, Cathay Pacific was stark. Generally, on flights, people board, maybe smile at the person sitting next to them and proceed to do their own thing. They do not go around meeting and greeting every second person and loudly exchanging views of the possibility of delay, blocking the aisles with garrulous gossip. On other flights, people speak in hushed tones. There is also a marked increase in the number of children. India’s status as second (?) – most populous nation is widely evident in the form of screaming spawn and brats who proceed to press buttons with abandon.

The best difference, though, is that Jet has lived up to its reputation of having the cutest stewards around. I spotted them while we were walking towards the flight and went “hmm”. They then proceeded to “hello ma’am” me with an endearing mix of shyness and machismo while I smiled sweetly back and refrained from blushing and/or swooning. I thoroughly enjoyed requesting that extra Coke. Much to V’s chagrin, the economy section was serviced by an all-male crew. Yum.