People have commented on how much I’ve travelled this year. At the time, I protested that I had done only a couple of short holidays. But I guess it has been more travel this year than the last. Places visited include:

a) India during Chinese New Year

b) Seoul for fun work trip

c) Singapore for four-day F1 break

d) Taipei for idyllic romantic holiday

e) India again for annual December vacation

Despite the somewhat exotic locales I visited this year, my best holiday was India. I clocked only one fight with the husband and a peaceful visit to the in-laws in Bangalore that I actually enjoyed. I basked in sunshine that was not too hot. I did not fall seriously ill. I did not run around partying like a headless chicken and so did not feel inordinately tired. I slept practically every afternoon. I visited doctors and addressed some, if not, all health issues. I bought a ton of make-up and used eye-shadow, blush and compact for the first time. I am now addicted to compact. I bought only one pair of shoes. I had peaceful dinners with old friends and laughed a lot. I have probably gained weight but will tackle that later. I giggled with my sister. I was shouted at by my mother as if I was still five. My dad insisted on paying for my stuff (I then paid my mom back though). I enjoyed my grandmother’s bad jokes. I revelled in sukha chapati and dal. I had strident discussions on world issues with my dad – just like old times. I finally closed one of my bank accounts and discovered the password to the other. I read and loved Indian chick-lit. I am besotted with my niece and accordingly learnt a few Malyalam words which I later realised I was pronouncing wrong.

I did not drive. I did not venture into town and visit the Taj.

I must now go to work and break the news to my boss that on the first day of my return, I am resigning from my job.