There are some doubts about whether Obama can live up to the promise he has come to represent over the past year. There are those who point out that he is already fudging on some of his election promises. Others say his speeches are politician-speak and his actions might not match them.

I say this:

The very fact that Obama, as a black man, has taken the most powerful office in the world is enough. It is, in itself, enough. This very achievement says to non-white people around the world that if you really really want to, you can.

It is also a testament to America’s democracy, that so many of us have come to mock, that not just a black man, but a man whose father is an immigrant and who has a Muslim middle name, could be elected to their highest office. For all the ethnocentrism they’ve been accused of, the American people did this.

Maybe it is true that politicians will be politicians and that their speeches are rhetoric. But Obama inspires. He made people in America and across the world believe in change. In an increasingly cynical and disenchanted world, it’s been a long time since a politician has inspired. Even if Obama himself doesn’t bring the change, he caused millions of people to want that change and that, too, is enough.

And finally, he’s hot. That’s always good.