V had surgery. The series of accidents of his youth are bearing fruit and last year, his ankle gave way and could handle no more than walking on flat surfaces. So on Friday we checked into a hot…uh hospital to get it operated on. (This was planned. It was not a spur of the moment thing).

Anyway, from the reception itself – which featured couches, potted plants and marble floors, it was easy to get confused about where one was. Actually, even the drive there was idyllic. The hospital is situated in some corner of The Peak, with “stunning views of the South China sea” the brochure told us. Yes, they had a brochure.

If the elevator hadn’t been so wide and the staff didn’t have white coats on, we never would have guessed. Especially once we were shown to our room. The only evidence of being in a hospital was the bed which was adjustable and connectable to hospital-type equipment and the railings in the bathroom. Otherwise, the furniture was wood and upholstered in warm tones, there was a TV and DVD player and WiFi (damn I didn’t take the laptop), Crabtree and Evelyn shower stuff and a ginormous balcony with the promised stunning view. Oh, and there was a menu with a huge choice of very reasonably priced Western and Chinese meals.