I don’t know why this film is so beautiful. It’s a simple enough story of star crossed lovers, with the cross being the odd idea of Brad Pitt’s character being born old and then progressively getting younger. Maybe it’s because the story is so lyrically told, a simple narration through the reading-a-diary device, and yet each stage in the backwards/forwards (depending how you look at it) profression is perfectly told with just the right timing and attention to little details that make even minor characters noticeable. Maybe it’s because Brad Pitt is so breathtakingly beautiful and Cate Blanchett so awe-inspiringly stunning that it brings back the bisexual dilemma. Maybe it’s because of the little aphorisms about love and life that side characters drop. Maybe it’s because the old are portrayed in a way that makes you love them, liver spots and wrinkles and all. Maybe it’s really the unusual premise of the film, of what it would be like if we started out with our body failing and our mind’s alive and ended the other way round, would we be wiser for having been born old. Maybe all we want is to hear the same old love stories again.