1. Books and movies often move me to tears but I rarely cry during real life.

2. My value system is gleaned from Enid Blyton books.

3. Tall buildings inspire me as much as mountains.

4. I’m extremely cynical but believe in miracles.

5. I’m suspicious of people who don’t like animals.

6. I find babies boring. Two-year-olds are slightly better.

7. My great ambition is to write chick lit for the thinking woman.

8. I’ve tried to get over it but I still love Bombay best. When something bad happens to the city, it hurts.

9. My parents were too bored to think up a middle name for me so they stuck an ‘a’ in there and for most of my childhood I was told it stood for ‘Apple’.

10. I’m not too fussed about being healthy but I want to be thin.

11. I hate being unilingual.

12. I hate the phone. I’d be a happy camper if I could communicate textually for the rest of my life.

13. I find the whole idea of kissing people hello and goodbye unnecessary and till recently was allergic to hugs. I generally stand with my hands behind my back staring into space when this is going on.

14. I didn’t have friends who were organized until higher university. Till then, I thought losing things, forgetting stuff and getting dates mixed up was normal.

15. I’m allergic to numbers. Weirdly, numeracy was my highest score in an aptitude test in school.

16. Growing up, I was confused about being the younger sister when my birthday was a day before my older sister’s.

17. The time I spent in hospital at death’s door was the most peaceful of my life. I read all four Harry Potters in a week, loved the food, shared my Body Shop cream with the old lady in the bed next to me and figured out my life.

18. I get a spiritual high when reading Vogue. The pages feel good, smell good, look good and I’ve never seen a typo. Food for the senses.

19. I can look at art endlessly. I once went into MoMa at 9 and emerged at 5.30 thinking that my idea of paradise would be to fall asleep and wake up amidst all that beauty and thought.

20. I don’t get black and white films. Technicolour was the best thing that happened to cinema.

21. I tried to study law but couldn’t stand it for more than a semester. A friend once told me “why bother when you know you’re going to be a journalist?” I guess she was right.

22. I didn’t realize how amazing it is to know everybody in your building and half the people on your street until I moved away. 23. I’m terrified of working in a job that doesn’t have MSN. So far I’ve been lucky.

24. I find optimism scary. When people are all positive, I am wide eyed with admiration at their courage.

25. I think my mum loves Zoya, our cocker spaniel, more than me. But that’s ok. She’s cuter