1. Those women in the Virar locals who cut vegetables in the train home from work to save time on cooking after. Actually, anybody who goes home from work and cooks.
2. Working women who go home to babies.
3. Non-working women with babies who don’t have a maid.
4. Women who live with their in-laws.

How do these women do it? After spending nine hours at the office, and now two hours commuting, I just about have enough strength to microwave my own dinner. Where does the strength to do housework after a full day at the office come from? Or to be nice to babies and not snap at everyone in sight?

And yet, it seems a multitude of women actually do this. I won’t count among these most of the married women I know because everyone seems to have a maid. Or while they claim to cook, are having food sent over every other day by their parents. But working a full job and then going home to cook and care for children must be the plight of many middle class women. Or do they all have help too? Or do I have some kind of horrible vitamin deficiency that makes me unnaturally tired and snappish? Or is it all in the mind?