…That religions (including my own) that insist that they are the “only way” should be outlawed. Gradually people would stop believing it and it would save the world a lot of senseless wars

…That maybe people who have lived in prosperous countries forever are justified in not wanting a whole lot of immigrants changing the culture of the place. But then, when I made a list of the most vibrant and properous commercial centres, I realised that even historically, they’ve always had a mixed population. Cities that are prosperous owe part of their progress to the trade from different places, which brings in people from different cultures, and the cities grow in vibrancy as a result. So instead of being afraid, people should welcome the opportunity to rub shoulders with other cultures while continuing to preserve and share their own.* So I unthunk that thought.

*Ok very poorly articulated but I just wanted to set it down here for my own head.