I am annoyed by:
1) People who initiate a (chat) conversation with “what’s up” and have nothing to say thereafter, even after you have responded with a leading tidbit.
2) People who chat by only responding to questions you have asked and subsequently not asking anything back or starting a new conversation topic. You’d think they had fallen asleep but it turns out they were “waiting for you to say something” like you are supposed to keep up a steady monologue with not even the odd “hmm” for company.
3) People who start a conversation and then just disappear because they think what you’re saying is too ranty or boring. I’m being a hypocrite here because I do the same to my mom all the time but simply because I either have to disappear for lunch pronto or because someone at work came up behind me and I closed the window and then got busy. But I suspect that this is not the case with the people who do this to me.
4) People attempting to chat with you on Facebook. Honestly, the whole point of Facebook is for people who you do not want to chat with but only want to say the occasional hello to and to stalk out of boredom. If you wanted to chat with them, they’d be on your MSN list.
5) Random semi-creepy people from your past sending Friends requests and being forced to accept out of guilt and not wanting to be rude.
6) People who you have deleted from your Friend’s list who bounce back and request to be added again.
7) Not knowing whether to comment on the blogs of friends of friends because you’re reading extremely personal things about them that they may not have told you in person, a conundrum that doesn’t arise with perfect strangers because they haven’t had the opportunity to tell you in order to meet you.
8) Email sign-offs at work. I hate the false sense of bonhomie that “cheers” invokes but also the stodginess of “regards”. I generally go with Thanks but sometimes it’s really not appropriate. Why do we always have to sign of anyway? Is just your name at the end too curt?