So, the recession. The financial meltdown etc.
I haven’t said much about it so far.
[Ok very weird thing just happened. I went to Pri’s blog to get the link to I love Lucy’s blog – yes, I am always doing this. Instead of saving people’s URLs, I just go back to other people’s blogrolls and click from there, thereby earning them moreTRP ratings or whatever it is called in web language. So everyone thank me instead of calling me stupid because you could be attracting advertisers just because of the traffic generated by my ignorance/laziness/whatever. Anyway, that is not the weird thing. The weird thing is… the reason I went to Pri’s blog to go to I Love Lucy’s is because I wanted to link to this post. But then I realised Pri had blogged about exactly the two things that I wanted to blog about: a) newfound obsession with celebrity fashion blogs (that is blogs about what people are wearing, not blogs by celebrities) b) Anoop on American Idol. Heh. Tis very spooky and LLT (long lost twin)]
Right, so back to the recession. So far, thanks to the grace of God because nothing else could explain this (nopes I’m not aetheist even though I know this makes me uncool), I still have a job. V still has a jobs. We even have a little more money. So our financial position is pretty much the same, or even slightly better than before the recession. Food and other things should get cheaper so we should actually be doing better. If, touch wood, we still have jobs.
But here’s the thing. Although I am doing the same as before, I’m spooked. I have stopped shopping. Granted, I’m a very extreme person. The only way I can not go on the rampage is by not going. So I don’t want to start ‘the shopping thing’ becuase I’m not sure I could stop. Though, I’m not a shopaholic by any standard (believe me, I’m not. This is not a denial thing. There are people I know who own 200 pairs of shoes. I am, sadly, not one of them. Though also because I have this unfortunate moral streak that would make me start thinking of starving children somewhere and the environment etc and I would feel guilty. Somewhat.).
So why am I not shopping:
a) Becasue V ordered me not to. When the first round of layoffs at his bank happened, I got a call from him at the office and his exact words were: “stop shopping, pal.”
b) I’m spooked. Despite this convuluted theory that I have that in the worst worst case, money is not going to be of any use and it is things that will count, I am weighed down by visions of both of us being out of jobs and looking wistfully back at the dollars we could have had, had I not had those two extra dresses. Heh.
c) I actually believe that consuming less is good for the environment. I’ve never actually been able to do it before but now I feel like I like the pared down attitude. If we buy less meaningless things, less crap gets put into the air we breathe, less trees get cut, less pollution in our water. But meaningless things are the stuff of my life. I would die if everyone went around in functional clothing, doing boring functional thing. This is my crisis of faith.
The long and short of it is, I have not shopped for two months. Not a single thing. All I do is go to work and back and buy groceries. We have cut down on eating out, when we do we eat at less expensive places. Again, this is a big deal for me – I LOVE eating out. No matter how yummy home cooked food is, I like outside food better.
Sometimes, I feel bad for the people whose shops and restaurants I would have patronized if I wasn’t having a (unfounded?) crisis of confidence. In a way, people like me have a responsibility to keep spending because that’s how the economy is going to recover. But as V pointed out – do those entrepreneurs actually come and save all the poor people in third world countries when things were good here and bad there. Everyone actually only thinks of themselves and this is not the time to be trying to do charity by shopping apparently.
This was all very well till last week. I’ve been browsing High Heel Confidential for a while, and now that I have more time for time pass blogs I began to wonder – why am I restricting myself to only what Indian celebs where. I actually watch more Hollywood movies than Bollywood anyway. And hence, I worked my way to here, where I discovered my future wedding dress (if I get hitched again). And also, I have realised my self-imposed shopping diet is waning. Get me to mall, will run wild.

And in other news, my heart has been racing with this stupid American Idol eliminating, then almost not bringing back, then bringing back Anoop dawg. But please, can any of your desi girls out there in the US, please:

a) trim his eyebrows

b) dress him! (he was wearing a CARDIGAN, girls, in one shot appealing for votes. It was like watching Little Britain).

c) Introduce him to hair gell and then spike his hair.