1. I have discovered that if I eat a decent breakfast I am not cranky and irritable at night because I’m not out of my mind starving by the time I get home. I’m hoping that this means I can eat less later in the day, but that worked for about two days and now I seem to be getting hungrier earlier. My body is like a brat I need to tame. Or is it hormones kicking in?

2. The anti-rice campaign is not working.

3. Lunch is conducted completely alone in a room full of giggling people. I spend my time happy that I can speed-read and not make forced conversation with people who would rather speak Chinese and riddled with self-doubt about why they stopped asking me. Is blaming it on the language barrier a cop-out? I feel like a teenager.

4. I haven’t eaten chocolate for more than four weeks. BUT thanks to V, I have been eating the likes of pastries and eclairs. Damn the bakeries that make these affordable. Not good. And yet… so good.