Since everyone is being boring and not blogging and even I threaten to fall into that mould (yes, I mean mould), I’m going reach the deep deep down into my carrybag of tricks and tell you my favourite story ever. The story of how V and I met.

It all started one groggy afternoon in October when my ex-fling-person Em (also known as the Green Eyed Monster) called to ask me how to get to this little resort out of town where you go when you want to make out all night with your lover-of-the-moment. In my fury and depression and while acting like I didn’t care, I ended up inviting Em to join me and Curly for drinks that evening. He declined. Hmph!

Unfortunately, we spotted him at the bar that evening. He was with some girl. Worse, he saw me. And ignored me. I was furious. When he came over while he was on his way out pretending to have just seen us, I had two words: “Fuck off”.

Curly and I proceeded to our favourite haunt where in horrendous anti-serendipidity we saw Em again. With another girl (I think).

Curly and I then got into this argument about whether we should leave or not. Curly wanted to, I didn’t. Her logic was that if we stayed I would be pissy all evening. Mine was that I was not going to let a stupid ex-fling-person chase me out of a place I had been going to since I was 16 (?).

And then some random guy (RG) pops his head into our conversation and goes: “Don’t go.” Curly and I were all “Do we know you?” and he was all shameless and flirty and “You should stay.”

So we did. Curly’s logic was that it if we hung around RG and friends we were in no danger of looking pathetically like we had followed Em and also, I could flirt with RG and make Em jealous.

I did my very best with the latter. RG was very drunk and I was on a mission so we ended up doing some very naughty dancing and embarassing a very bored Curly completely. Finally, she dragged me away and insisted we leave before the pub closed and RG and friends decided to follow us for coffee.

So I made my excuses and RG asked for my number. “Just give it to him and let’s go,” said Curly so I did. Unfortunately, I have a problem lying. So while any normal girl would have just made up a number, I gave him my real one.

Then we left. In the wee hours, when Curly and I were having coffee at one of the hotel coffeeshops, my mobile rings. I pick up and when I realised it was RG, I’m completely flabberghasted and I hang up.

To be continued…