The day after the cricket match I felt bad about not calling RG. Also I was bored. So I called him and we decided to meet for a drink after he finished work and before I started.

Our first date was funny. I didn’t actually remember what he looked like. I recognised him because he so obviously looked like he was waiting for someone standing in the carpark, and he seemed the right height. He didn’t actually look like the guy I remembered.

I didn’t remember his name either. Curly and I had had a brainstorming session the day before. I thought it began with B. She was sure it was V. I didn’t think that made sense.

When I got there, I asked him to spell his name. He looked amused and did. And then I admitted that I didn’t really remember what it was and we had a laugh.

It was a very comfortable, easy first date. I was an hour late for work.