As many people who know me know, Bridget Jones’s Diary is my bible. I can reread that book endlessly and if I’m blue, there’s nothing like Bridget, vodka, chips, chocolate, and cigarettes all at once to make me feel better.

Even though I’m not exactly similar to Bridget, I identify with the way she seems to be drifting on in a career where everyone is pretending to be intelligent, she thrives on popular culture, she’s obsessed with her weight and she smokes Silk Cuts (which I took to mainly because of her actually, when they were introduced in India, and thankfully I liked them).

But this rereading, especially of the sequel, has brought home to me that person I’m probably most like is Sharon. The obvious similarities are:
a) Feminist ranting and ability to tell people off at parties
b) Tendency to over-dissect relationships sometimes to their detriment
c) Little more clued in than Bridget
d) Ability to understand the concept of Fuckwittage and use the word in its true sense.

However, still think V is Mr Darcy. When I met him, he was all put-together and charming in a slightly scary way. Even now he can be quite bossy. He’s the kind of person who would probably be considered “a catch”. Although he can be Daniel Cleaverish-flirty which is quite unfortunate for me. I think it’s because my relationship with him is so much like Bridget-Darcy… I’m often to be found staring at him while he’s asleep for example and thinking how perfect he is. And he’s always swooping to the rescue too.

Hmmm, will now stop to fantasize about own husband.