So since, the husband has deserted me, I’m back to watching SATC back episodes, here goes:

The episode: Season 3, episode 1
The question: Does every woman secretly want to be rescued? Are we all waiting for a knight in shining armour?

Carrie gently points out to Charlotte that today, a woman’s supposed to be her own white knight, that instead of waiting for Prince Charming she goes out, gets a job and gets insurance. To which Charlotte replies: “That’s depressing.”

Despite my feminist leanings, I have to agree. Maybe the idea of managing alone is not depressing, it’s just that nobody really wants to.

Men deal with it being alone and fending for themselves better generally, but who doesn’t want to have someone look after them? Historically, women have been placed in the role where we are allowed to expect to be taken care of (and paid a heavy price for being allowed the ‘luxury’ of this)… and so, well, we do.

It’s a human need to want to be taken care of, layered over by a multitude of fairy stories told and retold literally from birth till death. Who can blame us? Why society decided to impregnate us with this fantasy is another matter. Why didn’t the wise old elders decide that women need to be strong and fiesty and go out and bring back food like the female lions do (actually, maybe not. Those female lions sure do have a bad deal, all because they don’t have a mane). How did we become the human versions of male lions, minus the brute strength?

It’s funny how even the strongest most fiesty woman will insist that she doesn’t need anyone to take care of her, until she meets one who does.

Even if you subscribe to the theory that women should be their own white knight (which I do) and don’t want to run the risk of waiting for a man, wouldn’t you rather have the knight in shining armour as dessert if not the main event?