For roughly 24 years I lived in the same apartment, in the same building, in the same area of Bombay. I threw my first proper tantrum at 13 when my parents began considering moving to a another building down the road so that we could have had a bigger apartment. We didn’t. I don’t know if I tantrum did the trick but it helped.

In HK, I’ve moved twice in three years. And I enjoyed it. I found the experience of uprooting and replanting myself in a different environment exhilerating. I take pleasure in reviewing my life as I store it away in boxes and decide what to keep and what to discard. I love the discovery of the new neighbourhood, the remaking of ours (our bakery, our market, our laundry) and most of all the creation of a new home. I enjoy wiping the slate clean and starting over. I relish the reinvention involved in the process of rebuilding the nest.

My only other experience with moving was in Hyderabad when I was living with my uncle and cousin and we moved house. It was a disaster, enough to scare me off moving for life. But in retrospect that was because my uncle and cousin epitomise disorganisation and, much as I love them, laziness. They had a four bedroom houseful bursting to the seams with stuff… and they did not pack till the morning of the move. You can imagine.

Moving brings out my inner organiser. It struck me that maybe the reason that I decided to be messy (and it was something of a conscious decision) was because somewhere along the way I realised that my organising streak could be extreme. When packing, I want each individual box to have its own theme – not just bathroom but bathroom-cleaning, kitchen electronics separate from kitchen-spices, nice clothes distinct from winter clothese distinct from house wear. No dumping of whatever fits for me. Every time I looked into a box that V had packed I wanted to tear my hair out.

I was looking forward to unpacking.

The new house is a dream. There is more storage space than we no what to do with. I have room for sub-cateories and micro-categories. This time we will not be a mess.