I’ve now met all the principle characters in the book and I’m realising I don’t like any of them. Stephen is a whiner, Molly is gross, and Leopold is creepy.

Leopold on the pot must be the most famous crapping scene in literary history.

Lotus Eaters is the nicest chapter so far. Love how the flower theme runs through everything, so that the grey Dublin landscape is blooming.

Telemachus had a mockery of the mass. In Lotus Eaters, Bloom attends a mass and offers the interesting perspective of a non-believer who’s still completely well versed with faith he doesn’t believe in.

Why did Joyce choose a Jewish protagonist? At one level, it’s hard to remember that Bloom is Jewish. But then his Jewishness crops up every now and then. Actually, not sure how I know Bloom is Jewish? Is it mentioned anywhere so far (it’s certainly hinted) or is it in the notes.