1. Black waterproof half-trench with zebra lining I saw in CB (HK$500)
2. Pair of black pumps that I can wear to work with different coloured tights.
3. Different coloured tights. Have black, purple and gray. Need maybe navy, green and red?
4. Ankle boots.
5. Planner.
6. Calender (I am really not used to buying these items)
7. Slanket
8. Stripey coloured gloves
9. Apple Macbook
10. Foundation and moisturizer combined/skin coloured moisturiser
11. Eyebrow threading lady
12. Heater for my icebox office
13. Something cooler (that is, more fashionable) than a thermos in to fill water in at the office.
14. Pack of slim cigarette and ability to smoke them w/o husband tantruming
15. Not to be asked when I am going to have a baby
16. Zoya. Or failing her, a Labrador retriever. Grown up one will do.
17. Bombay
18. End to poverty, climate change and world peace.
19. A cook
20. Ability to withstand onslaught of in-laws.
21. My first designer handbag. I’m over Furla so I’m thinking Chloe (Paddington?) or Prada.
22. Skinny jeans and ability to fit into them.

Not the end