1. Three pairs of Nine West shoes: 1 black (for work so legitimate purchase though this morning discovered I bought them half a size too big. I seem incapable of remembering or gauging my own shoe size even after trying shoes on), 1 brown with crocodile skin print (very tall and totally unnecessary and indulgent but hey, I’m a girl), 1 pink suede tassled sandals (not strictly necessary but I don’t have any pink shoes)
2. 1 pair of skinny black cords (can replace unflattering flaired current black cords which I have mysteriously persisted in wearing today), 8 long sleeve tees in plain colours, 1 purple stretchy long sleeved tee, 2 striped long sleeved tees, 2 velour tracks. (Could be counted as Christmas present to Bossini from where they all came)
3. 1 pair of green Nine West shoes as Chrissie present for Sil2 (now need to scope out prezzies for Sil1 and Mil. Have decided boys don’t deserve prezzies.)
4. 1 Wii for husband
5. 1 My Little Pony, 1 magnetic dress changer toy, 1 crayola crayons, 1 bottle bubbles solution for niece

Pending debits:
1. Sweaters. Lots of them.
2. Heater. (This could go into Credit column when office finally, if ever, reimburses me).
3. ooh and stripey coloured gloves.


1. 1 iphone from husband. I am now wondering how I lived all these years without it. Best prezzie ever since Barbie accessories binge aged 11.
2. Two awesome dresses from Sil1. She never ceases to amaze me with her ability to correctly gauge the size of people she has not seen in a year. Even with shoes and jeans! I guess all that shopping she does comes in handy.
3. Beautiful shawl from Kashmir from Sil2.
4. India reading list: My Friend Sancho by Amit Verma (already finished), Almost Single by Advaita Kala (in progress), You are Here by Meenakshi Madhavan Reddy (was very tempted to borrow this from friend but then felt I should support fellow blogger even if she seems to be doing quite well for herself), Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel (not strictly India but book came from India)
5. Silver chain, pendant and earings with diamonds from Mil. This is great progress because Mil is a Malyalee but restrained herself from buying gold. Baby steps.
6. Three boxes of Lindor chocolate from friend. Technically, one box was for niece but hey, she only likes the white ones. Love it when friends get you exactly the chocolate you’re going to be craving the whole week.
7. 1 orchid plant from Mil and Dil. Quite funny that they went shopping in HK and bought kilos of fertiliser to take back. Oh well, different strokes.