In Goa (apart from wedding)

1. Lie on beach (but in shade, not sun. I am not a firang, thank you).

2. Buy a new bikini to lie on beach in. It’s time.

3. Ignore tummy that has unfortunately bounced back from flu-induced flatness.

4. Eat at Brittos.

5. Party somewhere as I rarely do that in Goa. My trips to Goa have generally involved eating, sleeping, drinking and playing cards with various family members.

6. Find cab driver who is not drunk. (on my honeymoon, we took a pre-paid cab from the airport thinking it would be safer but the driver banged into the truck in front while exiting the airport, fell asleep at the wheel multiple times and finally had to be ousted by V, who then took the wheel while the driver whined and insisted the cops would fine him for not driving. I surprised myself by remembering the way from Panjim to Baga).

In Hyderabad (apart from wedding)

1. Catch up with cousin

2. Eat: a) Biryani (preferably the Pickles one) b) chicken 65 c) fish from hole-in-wall called Narmada d) idli from Kamats and drink a) Kamat’s coffee

3. Traipse around relatives’ houses and be fussed over by them

4. Catch up with MinCat and go partying

5. Do not let stomach go haywire due to chicken 65.

In Bombay

1. Eat: a) Indian Chinese from Five Spice b) Dal Makhani from Pals c) Sev Puri from Ranjit d) Ragda Pattice from Karachi e) Chilly prawn from soul fry

2. Dance to 80s music

3. Replenish stock of white shirts

4. Buy books

5. Spend quality time with my soul-sister spaniel

6. Have lots of coffee with friends

7. Put crown on tooth that has been crownless for more than a year (ie- since last visit to India)

8. Scan ovaries. (Yeah, you really wanted to know about that. But I almost forgot to tell my mom to make an appointment so this is more for me than you).

9. Cut hair. Straw tipped hair must go. Hopefully, Indian hairdresser will be able to contend with growing out straightened hair and fact that I have a (quite large) nose and developing wattle since Chinese hairdressers seem unable to do this.