So, at long last, I’m posting my Italy-related reading list (with which I cheated on poor Joyce – you cannot imagine what a relief it is to use the past tense):

1. I Claudius and Claudius the God (Robert Graves): First book is much more gripping than the sequel but by the end of the first book, you’re gagging for more so the sequel follows through.
2. Under the Tuscan Sun (Frances Mayes): I remember liking the feel of the movie based on this book though not the movie itself. Now, I can say the same for the book. There are some recipes in there that almost inspired me to cook though. Almost.
3. Extra Virgin (Annie Hawes): Loved this one; kind of what I thought Under the Tuscan Sun would be.
4. The Didius Falco series (Lindsay Davis): Awesome fun this is. Detective stories set in ancient Rome. Still reading them.
5. Italian Neighbours (Tim Parks): Like the Frances Mayes’ book, this one didn’t grip me. Returned unfinished.