1. Like a typical Indian, I flew back bags choc-a-block with gifts for every member of the family, 10 kg heavier in baggage than I was allowed. The check-in girl didn’t raise a hair. With my two – albeit heavyweight – bags neatly packed and ticket and passport in hand, I was the easiest check-in of her evening. Everyone else was in unwieldly clumps, garnished with plastic bags, and somehow managing to take around 15 minutes each at the counter.

2.  I’m a sucker for airline food and Jet didn’t disappoint. This is the point of travelling on an Indian airline – to start the feasting in air only. And to not get sneered at by snooty Chinese airhostesses. And to chat with one’s neighbour because that is what Indian people do when travelling.  Helps of course if it’s a cute desi boy. Somehow I’m lucky that way. Of course, I was a row away from a jumpy child but I have accepted that as my karma. Thankfully I was sleepy enough to tune her out.

3. Bombay airport is vastly improved.  Only drawback is the baggage carousel which is miniscule and of course, those who get there first – elbowing others out of their way – shove through with trolleys in tow thereby making it impossible for half the flight to catch sight of their bags. You exit from the airport into a courtyyard flanked on all sides by loving relatives. Someone seems to have realised that Indian families will come to greet arriving relatives en masse so might as well give them enough space to do it.

4. The roads in Bombay seem to have vastly improved too. The drive home was smooth. At one point, I breathed in the full blast of Bombay smell – sea, shit, garbage and grime. And this time, instead of wrinkling my nose, I smiled.

5. The domestic airport is good too but sort of bursting at the seams. I rediscovered the amazingness of CCD Frappe.