Season 4, Episode 1: Do you believe in soulmates.

To quote Jane Austen: “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” Or in the 21st Century, every single girl with a fortune (or not) must be in want of a man. And more specifically a soulmate.

We had this discussion about whether there has to be just one. But this episode threw up an interesting thought – why does the soulmate have to be a man? Or, I guess, have to be someone one has sex with? Why can’t a soulmate be a really good friend? Then, as Charlotte says, we could enjoy men as just fun people to be with sometimes.

I’ve had a soul sister. Or something like a twin soul. The kind of person you realise is like you in uncanny ways, the one you’re willing to go through lengths for, who you hang out with endlessly and who you get a tad jealous about when she’s hanging out with someone else, at the rare time that happens. It’s incredibly intense… like being in a relationship. without the sex, and without the petering out of endless conversation.

When it crashed and burned, it felt like a breakup. I can survive breaking up with a man because well, there’s social precedent for it. You know it’s supposed to be like this. But breaking up with a soul sister? That’s different. I decided I coudn’t do another one of those.

So have you had a soulmate you’re not “in a relationship” with? And if you do have this kind of soulmate, have you considered that the search for The One might just be, well, optional?