The fact that a baby will soon be joining us finally pushed us to getting fulltime help. We were lucky to be able to find someone we were already familiar with, whose quality of work we know. However, it’s still weird having a third person in the house with us.

It’s also kind of stressful thinking up stuff for her to do. Though she is pretty good at thinking up stuff herself.

I didn’t plan on her doing anything the evening she arrived except I asked her to make our bed and iron a couple of shirts. She is a genius bed-maker… the fitted sheet always comes out when we do it, but somehow she manages to get it to stay.

The next day, we had work and told her just to do basic cleaning and maybe clean the kitchen if she could. She did a thorough job of the kitchen, which included making a list of stuff we had that had expired.

She also cleaned out my cupboard and arranged even my underwear drawer in a scary organised fashion. She is now itching to start on V’s but he has piles of clothes that he claims he wants to sort through and discard. I have been trying to get him to do it for three months; hopefully pressure from the helper will move him along.

Update: it did! all his stuff has been fit into his cupboard and the window seat is, at least, a window seat and not a puddle of t-shirts.


Our house is now so clean that I am scared we will get used to it and never be able to go back to normal (=messy).

The helper has started cooking. Looks like she knows how to cook but was just playing safe. however, her cooking is more in the chinese style. but at least she’s willing.

Update: She made some Indian chicken from the Hawkin’s cooker recipe book and it was awesome. It involved grinding cashew nuts!


She is now in a routine of getting us our breakfast (she has mastered Indian-style egg burji yay! So it’s just me that cannot manage to make even egg properly), cleaning (I assume because we leave for work and the house is spotless when we return), grocery shopping (keeping an account of money spent) and cooking dinner. It’s a bit like having a mom because she asks me to eat fruit, tells us when we can get something cheaper somewhere else and the other day she reminded me that my library book was overdue!

I’m scared it’s all too good to be true.