My labour story sparked recollections of how my sister and I were born.

I vaguely remembered that my dad telling us how he was running down the street in the dead of night alongside a cycle rickshaw with my mom in it, with the stray dogs chasing him and barking. I asked my mom if it was true and she said yes. My sister’s birth was an agonising process. My mom says labour was induced but her cervix wouldn’t dilate. She recalls every vein in her arms and her legs being used for IV drips, though she has no idea what medication she was given. She recalls them trying to prise her cervix open. The delivery was a painful forceps because the doctor said that if she had a c-section, her next baby would have to be a c-section too and there would be no possibility of a third. Who would want a third baby after going through a delivery like that is beyond me. I’m sure that today my mom would have had an emergency c-section, but then today c-sections are much advanced and vaginal delivery after c-section is also a possibility. 
Compared to my sister, my delivery was a breeze. Because she had gone to the clinic too early for my sister, my mom said she waited till quite late once the contractions started with me. Then suddenly she felt the baby coming and started screaming for her brother to take her to the hospital. But he was in the bath and kept shouting that he had just put soap on. My mom finally arrived at the clinic in the nick of time. The doctor was on her way out and when she saw my mom she gave her severe scolding. There wasn’t even time to go into the delivery room. I made an ignominious entry into the world on a stretcher outside. 
Cute fact: my sis and me were born on consecutive days of the same month, though two years apart.

So what was your birth like? Ask your moms and leave a comment or do a post.