… was hard.

They say that the first couple of weeks of a baby’s life are the honeymoon period, after which it gets tough. Well, I had a couple of days honeymoon at most.

The four days in the hospital before my milk came in were hard as the baby gnawed at my boobs and refused to be put down for a sleep. Things looked up somewhat when we came home and on the second day home, I had a blissful night of peaceful feedings and sleep at regular intervals.

Then as the little guy turned 1 week, all hell broke loose. It started with him throwing up everything he ingested after practically every feed. I never thought I would be a woman who cried over her kid but that’s motherhood for you.

We took him to the doctor who said he has gas and prescribed some medication. It stopped the puking but his feed time reduced drastically and so did his poos. Then he had one good day before poo issues started.

Now he strains and cries and grunts all day, either trying to get gas or a poo out. It’s so loud, I can hear him two rooms away above the noise of the tv. One night he didn’t sleep practically all night and though he’s sleeping now, he’s struggling in his sleep. The doctor says he’s constipated but I have my doubts because he’s eventually having two to three poos a day and they aren’t hard though he did pass something hard in one stool.

My life now seems to revolve around whether my son poos or not. How the mighty have fallen.