I generally do a year-in-review post around this time, but there’s not much to say about this year. Mainly:

1. I got pregnant. I had a baby. I turned overnight into a mom. I am still grappling with the challenges of the new role. The saga continues.

2. I read. As the post below indicates. Now as Benji (did I mention my nick for the baby is going to be Benji because he looks like a little old man, like Benjamin Button) gets more challenging, not so much. But I am plodding through Love in the Time of Cholera, a book I’ve started and stopped many times. Suddenly, I’m loving it. I think the writing is the most beautiful ever. I believe you need to be at a certain place in life to read certain books and I guess I’m in an LITTC place. Mid-way through though my enthusiasm is flagging… there are too many vignettes of women Ariza screwed but I think I’ll make it through.

On the baby front, it’s been hard. I finally took him to one of more reputed (and expensive) pediatricians who believes he has reflux. She said that since he’s gained weight we shouldn’t worry but parenting a child with reflux is hard because he’s almost always in pain, and these days doesn’t feed well and never wants to be put down. We have medication we can try but I’m holding off, hoping other gentler methods will work. It’s all trial and error from here.

Oh! And happy new year everyone… Hope 2011 brings you closer to all your dreams coming true. And send good vibes my way for my son.