1. My hair, if I had a stylist on call, would look exactly like Carrie’s this season. Recently, got a much needed haircut, ditched the long straight hair and went back to the short waves that I had in school. Not sure how successful it is but I like it.

2. The “Face Girl” episode – Carrie goes a bit nuts over this woman she encounters who makes a face when she realises Carrie is Aiden’s ex. The implication being that Carrie fucked Aiden up in some way. Finally, Carrie realised that it wasn’t the judgement of others she’s so concerned about, it’s herself. I’m going through something similar as a new mom and it brought home to me that my toughest critic is probably myself. I just project that onto others.

3. Miranda as the frazzled new mom. Like Miranda, I was probably the last person people who knew me expected to have a child. And like Miranda, I feel like shit. I have a baby that keeps crying and I don’t know what to do. Like the neighbour told her, if her friends didn’t have babies, they wouldn’t understand. But the real identification point was “the chair” – I’ve been recently looking at rocking chairs as a calming device.

4. Whenever I see Big and the way Carrie looks at him, I’m reminded of V.

5. And finally, this is not something I relate to but which made me go awww… Charlotte’s new bald man. I remember seeing him in the movie and wasn’t sure how that came about, except to think that they seemed so unsuited. And now I have the back story, and it’s adorable. The impeccable uptight Charlotte falling for a man with hair on his back who talks with food in his mouth.