I’ve been on an Sex and the City binge… and the Benj has been coopted into watching it into me. Yesterday after his feed, he sat on my lap for half an hour and watched Miranda and Steve get back together again.

Random thoughts:

Carrie’s style is weeeeird. It is not fashion. It is stupid. In one episode, she’s carrying a beaded bag which is something my mom has stashed in the back of her closet. This is not a bad thing in itself but really, I’ve raided my mom’s closet on numerous occasions – turtlenecks of the 70s be praised – and this is one item I’ve always balked at. Hmmm though I’m rethinking it now. Mainly though, it seems that her style involves wearing brightly coloured bras under transparent tops. 

Berger has got to be the worst guy Carrie ever dated. Thank God I never did brooding intellectual types. I’m enough brooding-intellectual for one relationship.

Although logically I should be a Carries, Miranda is the one I’ve always been drawn to. Maybe I have a thing for skinny redheads. Miranda post-baby, however, is a real identification point. This line particularly struck a chord: “along with her morning coffee, feeling guilty had become part of her daily routine”. And the episode in which Miranda fits into her a skinny jeans – that’s me too. The sleepless nights, stress, weird diet (in which everything could cause reflux or gas or both so I’ve pretty much been eating… nothing, or such boring food that I don’t want much of it), and breastfeeding has resulted in me being only a couple of kilos away from my pre-preggie weight in two months… Yay! And I’m happy to report that The Chair is working like a charm.

Two favourite quotes so far:

“there is a good way to break up with someone and it doesn’t include a post-it.”

“women with candles have replaced women with cats as the new sad thing.”