I seem to be surrounded by people who are pregnant or having babies. I know it’s supposed to that one notices other pregnancies/babies because that’s the stage one is in… however, really it seems like an excess. Apart from the obvious candidates – 30-somethings who have been married for a few years – two friends who have visited Hong Kong have turned out to be staying with people who are pregnant, one of whom is 40. I think it’s weird.

Anyway, my closest friends are still in the just married stage. Or mercifully not married. It’s nice to have friends who are single so one can keep in touch with that angst, albeit from a disturbingly vicarious perspective, and definitely nice to have friends who have no babies because otherwise our conversations would be entirely baby-poo-related. As it is, it veers to that thanks to yours truly. It seems to be like the first thing I talk about when people ask how the baby is, which inevitably they do, probably out of politeness. I am in the incongruous position of having to watch people’s eyes glaze over while I waffle on about my child after they asked.

(I didn’t force them to ask, with my cocker spaniel eyes, if you’re wondering. First, I don’t have cocker spaniel eyes despite the family history. Also I’m perfectly fine if people don’t ask, thankful even. I don’t expect anyone to be interested in my child except myself, since I was never and probably barely am, ever interested in anyone else’s children. Ok that’s a lie. Just the other day I caught myself smiling over photos of someone else’s baby on Facebook. What is becoming of me? And why are my digressions so long? This is not the point of this post. This is a digression within a digression)

However, as I said, I do have friends who are expecting/have had a baby, and one of them calls me now-and-then I presume to glean some baby-related wisdom. This is odd because I have none to impart.

What ends up happening is the tables being turned.

That is how, for example, I learnt that one might use a nappy rash cream all the time even if the baby doesn’t have nappy rash. I mused over this and then someone actually gifted us a tube of nappy rash cream. Kiehl’s in fact. I’ve been wanting and resisting buying Kiehl’s for my own face but here the Benj gets to have it smeared over his butt.

And more recently, I was alerted that baby wipes containing alcohol could be harmful for the baby and one must use wipes with none or less alcohol. Well, it’s been three months already so a little late for that. But I decided to get to the bottom of the offending baby wipes stuff and discovered that the ones I have been using are serendipitously alcohol-free. What happened was that while selecting wipes, I saw a hypoallergenic label on the Huggies one and decided to get those since they were pretty much the same price as the Johnson’s. Now turns out they were an excellent choice and all that.

I look forward to more conversations where I will discover stuff I didn’t know and also unearth the hidden genius-mother within.