I am so excited, though I don’t deserve to be considering I was quite sure India would not get anywhere and wasn’t even enthu about watching the matches. I think it was after India beat Australia that I thought we had a chance and started getting interested. I still see Australia as the team to beat, though apparently we went into the World Cup as the best team in the world.

When I started watching properly I realised that I didn’t know who half the players in our team were and was flummoxed by some new rules – power play, free hit, huh?

I made one of the best decisions of our lives when I pushed V into paying $5 to hook up to some website that enabled us to watch the live free streaming online. “The best $5 I have ever spent,” he keeps saying.

Since I am incapable of staying awake post 10 pm these days – which led me to miss the crucial semi win because I couldn’t even wake up for the last 10 overs – I decided to get some sleep in the afternoon. Unfortunately, ended up missing the toss. Hmph.

MinCat was visiting but had to leave before the Indian innings started. When I got back from dropping her to the bus stop, Sehwag was out! Then I went in to change and Sachin got out. V was convinced we were going to lose but I somehow kept the faith.

I had earlier thought we should go to some pub to watch the match but turned out to be a good thing we stayed at home. I crashed for an hour in between and then V prodded me awake for the last 10 overs. Unfortunately, two minutes after I opened my eyes Gambhir’s wicket fell. I screamed but luckily didn’t wake the Benj. I considered going back to sleep because clearly it was my wakefulness that was messing with the team’s karma.

I refused to believe we were going to win until the last 15 balls, when Dhoni started whacking them. Till then, I kept yelling whenever the commentators would say stuff like “looks like they’re going to win”, because I was convinced they had jinxed Gambhir with their soon-to-be-century statements. For the last over, V told me to come sit near him but I refused lest the fates be misaligned by any movement on my part.

That last six made me fall in love with Dhoni. Funny I never noticed how hot he was before. I am now rereading The Zoya Factor and totally fantasizing in my head. V was very annoying. I made him hook up NDTV (!) and then when this Dhoni special came on, he refused to let me watch. Pah!

The next morning – totally bleary since the Benj decided to wake up at 5 am and our helper was on leave – we kept dancing around, watching the highlights and telling the Benj “we won, we won!” Sadly, he was oblivious to the drama of the occasion and proceeded to focus on shoving stuff into his mouth for biting purposes.

Around me, life is just going on as normal. Hmph. Wish I was in India.