After so long, I’m finally into shopping again. Pregnancy hormones, for good or bad, killed the shopping impulse mainly because I didn’t want to spend money on whale-sized clothes or itty-bitty clothes for Benji that he would grow out of in one minute.

Brands I discovered:

Mastina: This is a local brand with clothes that surprisingly fit me very well. After Benji, I had sort of given up on wearing dresses because I was sure my tummy would show and put people in the awkward position of wondering whether number 2 was on the way. To save polite starers the agony of not knowing, I was ready to eschew dresses altogether. Miraculously, I stumbled upon Mastina and the dresses are tailored in such a genius way that I look (fairly) svelte. I bought a couple of sale and they weren’t too expensive. They have some interesting t-shirts too.

Maud Frizon: I first became aware of this one when I saw a sticker ad in the train in the MTR. The ballet flats looked so beautiful but I just assumed they would be hideously expensive because it said Paris under the brand name. Not so. The flats in reality were more beautiful than in the ad, very comfortable and cheaper than some of the local brands like Le Saunda and Stacatto.

Zara: Okay, this is not new. But for the first time I actually loved practically everything in the store. Normally, my feeling with Zara is that a lot of the linen stuff can be got in India for half the price, and with better tailoring and embroidery. This time, however, just walking around touching things was inspirational. Most things had this luxe feel, with proper lining and stuff. And the bold colours and the designs just had me not wanting to leave.