The final episode of SATC made me cry. Not because it was the very last episode and there would be no more but because it was so poignant, and so romantic.

Alexandr Petrovsky reminds of the self-centredness of men. Of how easily they ask and they take and they let go of your hand. How easily your sacrifices are forgotten. Oh, the entitlement.

The real heart of the episode though was Magda watching Miranda bathe her mother-in-law. As Magda told Miranda: “That is love.” Miranda’s represents the ultimate SATC transformation – the tough, cynical, self-sufficient, cold woman who rushes down the street frantic with worry over a woman she doesn’t even like.

A close second is Samantha and Smith, another testament to how the steadfastness of love can break down the tallest barriers. It is perhaps fitting that the toughest two in the foursome were melted by men the opposite of them – naive where they were sophisticated, loyal where the women were commitment phobic, nice where they were bitchy.

In all of this metamorphosis, Charlotte and her baby coming through kind of lose out. It is aww but not ohh.

And finally, in Carrie and Big we get, as we always wanted, our fairytale ending.