Just as I had discarded the idea of buying a diamond in favour of what I hoped was a higher pursuit in the form of art, V decided to get me one anyway. At some level, I think he had got so into the nitty-gritty of the diamond trade that he couldn’t just give up the quest. But mainly, I think, he wanted to thank me for being the goddess that gave him his son.

So, I accept the gesture of thanks with a smile. Ok with delight and stamping of feet. It’s not every day that a girl gets to have her diamond and her painting too (if I could ever identify and decide on one painting).

Now, that I am the proud wearer of a serious stone, I feel the need to be worthy of it. Thus, I feel that my clothes must be smarter, my nails well done, my hair in place, my shoes a little higher, my perfume tasteful and my bag upgraded. Definitely, the latter. It is not in me to turn down the excuse for a new bag, however, flimsy.

Oh dear, I do think this ring is turning out a bit Gollum-esque. But as they say, when the economy is in need, every citizen must do their bit.