R’s Mom had an amusing post up on the contents of her bag. I decided to do a similar one.

Around two years ago, I invested in my current big, yellow bag. I became an instant convert into the virtues of humongous bags – all the better to dump stuff in, my dear – but the result was more of a bottomless than ever. My bag this morning turns out to contain:

1. Pink, foldable umbrella (a year-round must in HK where the weather changes unpredictably).

2. Inspirational little card from boss. I am not her pet or anything; everyone got one at the office retreat. It is now been pinned up near my desk.

3. Carholder with visiting cards

4. Ballpoint pen – somehow I always think I don’t have one and end up scrambling and borrowing.

5. Assorted coins.

6. Oily skin wipes – never used (not because I don’t need them).

7. Bag of fruit to snack on – don’t worry, I had a separate bag of bakery goodies also.

8. Sunglasses by Marc Jacobs – my most expensive pair, quite proud they have lasted this long, in their case and everything (fingers crossed).

9. Underwear liner

10. Two sets of house keys. Because after groping in bag for five minutes, thought I didn’t have a set, so added another set. This is what I mean by bottomless pit.

11. Earphones, surprisingly hardy since they have just been dumped in and are yanked out unceremoniously, trailing keys, bits of paper etc.

12. Wallet – heaviest thing in bag, filled with all manner of junk too.

13. Toothpicks

1.4 iphone

15. Kajal, gloss and compact

16. Pawpaw ointment, gifted by friend from Australia. Used about five months ago.

17. Nailcutter, gifted by friend after trip to Korea.

18. Copies of credit card bills of last year’s maternity expenses to be submitted to insurance (I submitted them, okay. Apparently the credit card slips were not needed. Insurance money was received also. How efficient I am. Thank you. Not so efficient at throwing away bills though – they are still in bag.)

19. Hairclips


Many of the practical things in bag like nailcutter, hairclips etc. I have never used. Practical things that I would use, such as safety pins, are not in bag.

Extraordinary event:

Bag did not contain book. That is because I am going to pick up book from library this afternoon. Hope it is not too heavy. The advent of iphone has made it possible to attempt one-way commute without book.