Another interesting observationin Oresnstein’s book was on separating the sexes. Apparently, little girls do tend to play with other little girls and little boys with little boys. But does that mean we should be segregating them? She interviewed researchers of the Sanford Harmony Programme: “Its goal, over time, is to improve how boys and girls think and treat the other sex in the classroom, on the playground, and beyond: to keep their small behavioural and cognitive differences from turning into unbreachable gaps.”

Today, there is much research on the value of same-sex education. I myself went to a same-sex school. I was often told how girls who went to co-ed schools were more comfortable around boys. But from observation, I didn’t find it to be true. These girls behaved similarly around boys, at least once they hit puberty, as we did. They also got self-conscious, they also had their crushes, and their closest friends remained girls. In fact, being in an all-girl’s school presented a sort of safe place where one didn’t have to conscious of the opposite sex all the time. So what was the big deal? Well, I guess I had the opportunity to meet and interact with boys in other settings.

Anyway, the book made me rethink my earlier thinking on same-sex versus co-ed schools. Since I believe that the more people are around different kinds of people the better, I guess co-ed would be the way to go. Though it wouldn’t be the single thing that pushed me to a school.

What about you? Do you think co-ed or same-sex is important?