Unlike years past, I had no sense of anticipation whatsoever and kept forgetting it was coming up. Thankfully, I had reminders yesterday:

  1. My colleague called to book me for a team lunch
  2. My sister-in-law called and said “did I miss your birthday”?
  3. My husband cuddled me this morning and said “Happy Birthday”

For once in my life I do not want to do anything about my birthday. I’ve even forgotten how old I am – which probably means I’m pretty old. I don’t mean any of this in a morose way. I’ve never been one for big birthday celebrations but this year I found myself unbothered about marking the day in any particular way, and I decided to go with that. I have not even done the usual meaning-of-life self-reflection that usually happens on D-Day.

I do have a feeling of wellness from a very good weekend. Curly was in Hong Kong and I had such a thoroughly-good catch up with her over the weekend that I am both happy and wanting more girly interaction. I wish you were here longer Curly and I wish I wasn’t so tired and could have pranced about with you more. Still, I think we did well by sleeping at 2.30 am instead of 11 pm as we thought we would and Benji made sure we got up early.

I also had a safe-for-pregnancy massage that did wonders for mind and body. I went to a really good spa and I was so glad that I chose a spa environment rather than one of the more functional mum-to-be centres. I started breathing slower the moment they showed me into the ‘grooming room’ and I put on my plush robe and then settled down with a glass of cool lemon water and a magazine. The therapy room was all dim light, muted tones and pleasant aromas and the massage was great.

I had a number of spiritual epiphanies just reclining there with the therapist working on my legs, the gist of which is: 1. I am so lucky 2. I need to connect with Schmoonbee more because I am so blasé about this pregnancy, I kind of forget sometimes there’s really a person in there 3. I need to remember that V needs fuss too.

Spas really work for me. They really help me de-stress and think profound thoughts and I know it’s all superficial and I should really be communing with nature or something but this is easier (though more expensive) and it works.

I resolved to spend five minutes every morning breathing deeply and bonding with Schmoonbee. Ended up playing with Benji instead. Oh well.