1. Scarves. Was having this discussion with Curly about how I miss wearing Indian clothes in HK and that Indian-print stoles might be a way to incorporate those textiles into my wardrobe. I was surprised to discover that she too thought scarves/stoles are too much trouble. Scarves or stoles are just so pwetty and I always end up buying them but except for the ones that get used as a shawl in office – and that tends to be one that gets used ragged – they either sit in my closet or I wear them and then they get abandoned after a couple of hours. Also, I don’t know how to tie/drape them properly so that they don’t look like this knotted lump that feels like a noose. The difference between Curly and me though is that I am fine with a dupatta if wearing a salwar kameez (but the kameez has to be long and not a kurti, if it’s a short kurta, the dupatta is more like to get discarded, not sure why) but Curly says she ends up abandoning dupattas as well. So while there is no hope for Curly in this regard, my ability with dupattas might indicate that there is a glimmer of hope for me. I’m not counting on it though.

  1. Barbeques: These are one of those fun things that one is supposed to enjoy. However, I realised I just don’t. I don’t get the point of standing over coals waving a paper to get the fire started and then hanging around getting the food to cook at the end of which the food is just so so. Unless, it’s Indian tandoori stuff in which case it is yummy but it is yummy if you ordered it in also, probably more so. Maybe it’s because I’m not into cooking. The problem is that if it’s a barbeque, then everyone is expected to pitch in and help. If not, one poor sod gets stuck turning the food around. Inevitably there aren’t enough also, or there is too much of one thing, some things undercooked, some burnt. I’m sure there is some point to the whole exercise; I just don’t get it.Actually I kind of feel this way about hot pot as well. Clearly I’m a lazy eater. I don’t like cooking while eating.