In my old age, birthday gifts went out of the window and Christmas gifts even more so. However, one can want and indulge oneself, can’t one? So here’s what I want/need for Christmas:

1. Body lotion: Instead of just picking one already, I am researching this as if it’s my PhD thesis. V keeps saying – how about this one? And I will maddeningly shake my head and say – Hmmm, I don’t know. Yes, it has come to a stage where my husband is taking an interest in my choice of moisturiser. The thing is, I’m torn between going the cheapad route and getting one of the drugstore ones in a decent flavour (do lotions have a flavour?) such as Vaseline, Jergens and the like (which I know are perfectly decent) or the ultra-luxe route, blowing a tonne of money on a smallish bottle (but hey, I deserve it, right? right?). This is, of course, part of my personality which I blame on being a Libran. The middle route does not seem to exist. Or does it? Show me the middle route someone! Complicate my life further with your body lotion suggestions. Yes, I’m asking. Keep in mind that I don’t have super-dry skin but it is winter so can’t be ultra-light either.
2. Diary/Planner: I need one for the New Year and can’t seem to just pick one. I’ve seen some decent options but somehow none of them are calling to me or seem to satisfy my desire for book coverings that are quirky but not cute. (Out of desperation?) I’m leaning towards Moleskin, which I have always considered overpriced and boring. But there’s a Hong Kong which has all the street names listed so one could just point to it when in a taxi. Though, do I really want to add one more thing to my already overloaded bag? Then, I’m distracted by this Moleskin baby planner that lets you write down the baby’s health stuff etc. I like the concept but wondering if: a) I will use it b) It is possible to find one in a less boring avatar. But back to planner. Why do I even need one? Why not just use Outlook or Google’s Planner and be done with it? Well, because I like writing things down ok. I like buying notebooks and at least this one will be somewhat used. Now if only I could go ahead and pick one. Instead, what’s going to happen is that I will land up in a stationary shop with V and he will say – just get this. And I will acquiese and land up with something satisfactory but a little disappointing.
Ok, I wrote quite a lot about absolutely nothing but hey, I have a stuffy nose and I cannot sleep and waking up at 2 am has become a tradition of late.
Update: I bought the moisturiser. Crabtree and Evelyn Jojoba Oil. There was a 50% discount plus V was like “just buy it”. Ended up having a fight with him though, over whether one should buy a lavender moisturiser or not. What I really wanted to buy, though, was this from L’Occitane. Maybe I will. Probably not though – I am feeling frugal. I have decided L’Occitane is my bodycare brand to covet, like Furla used to be my bag brand.