Ugg boots: I have always had a soft corner for these. I knowthey are stumpy and ridiculous-looking. But that is the point. And right now Iam stumpy and ridiculous-looking. So what better time to complete the look?
It turns out, however, that I am too cheap to actually buy the real thing, even on discount. Besides, I don’t want to spend the earth on a pair of ugly, if comfortable, shoes that I can only use casually (or to work when pregnant because pregnancy excuses everything). So I decided to opt for the fake option, of which there are many around.

Finally, on New Year’s Eve, I decided I had had enough to looking ridiculous in ballet flats – my hips and belly are enormous and my jeans – one of two pairs of trousers that fit me – taper off at the bottom (yes, I bought the cheapest maternity jeans I could find) making me look really weird. So, I decided to buy the fake Uggs available in the shops in the mall downstairs. (And I mean literally downstairs… my apartment sits atop a small mall which sits atop an MTR station).

Unfortunately, the lazy ass in one of the shops had decided to close that day. Never mind, I didn’t like that guy anyway. My decision made for me, I headed to shop no. 2 for a pair of grey Uggs (or whatever). I had been unsure about whether grey was the way to go but now, well, I had no choice and both V and I agreed that my appearance was much improved by the chunky footwear. All thrilled, I headed home with my new boots.

It seems, however, that I am not destined to own a pair of Uggs (or faux-Uggs). All dressed up for the New Year’s Eve do at a friend’s place, I slipped on the shoes only to have the elastic clasp snap in my hand. So basically my new boots were broken before I had even worn them, giving a new meaning to breaking them in. Down we went to the shop, only to be told they would exchange but didn’t have my size in stock. Bah!

Finally, after doing a round of the mall and finding no other shoes that worked – Chinese people have small feet! – we headed back to the shop and chose another pair of cheap boots. Which I have to say I’m very happy with. They vastly improve my appearance making me wonder why I spent a whole month looking stupid without them.