I had been feeling that something was a little differentwith my bump this pregnancy and last week I realised why. An ultrasound hasconfirmed that Schmoonbee is sitting on her ass instead of turning upside downas she is supposed in order to come out head first. Personally, I think this isa very sensible approach – I have never quite understood why babies wouldvolunteer to float about upside down for a good three weeks before they emergeinto the world but from a mum’s perspective, of course, thank God they dobecause their big heads take the most effort to push out.
I must confess that this pregnancy I have been overallfeeling quite tired, blah and not very fit and around a month ago, confessed toV that I was pretty sure I had no energy to push Schmoonbee out at all so she would just have to stay in there like an appendage of my body. I hadbeen secretly hoping for a c-section despite knowing that the natural way isbest and all.
Anyway, with Schmoonbee in what is known as breech position-her head is between my ribs and what I think is her hand is kind of around my waist; when shemoves it, I sometimes hold her hand which is very cool – I have the option ofan elective c-section. My sister is convinced that I sent a message toSchmoonbee to not turn, which is nonsense because everyone knows that babies doexactly as they please and noone can order them around with any success.
Of course, having been handed what I was hoping for allalong, I have to second-guess and doubt. The other option offered to me is aprocedure called External Cephalic Version (ECV) where a qualified doctormanually turns the baby from the outside all the while closely monitoring themum and baby. The thing is that this is to be performed at 37 weeks and thereis some risk of it ending up in a c-section anyway because of the baby gettingdistressed, water breaking etc. The hope, of course, is that once baby turnsone can proceed normally with a vaginal birth but what if it doesn’t? I reallydon’t want Schmoonbee out next week. 
Whereas an elective c-section, which I know is a majorsurgery etc. (though doesn’t seem quite so major with half the women I knowhaving had one and varying reports on how awful the recovery is), can be scheduledat 39 weeks, giving my baby more time to develop, especially her lungs.
Right now I’m kind of taking the cop-out route and leaningtowards the c-sec. So mums who had one, how was the recovery and if youbreastfed after, how did you go about that? Comment or email me your gruesomestories at thebluebride@gmail.com.