Mimi came out of hospital with jaundice. We ended up having to admit her for a night of phototherapy in hospital and I spent the night on a pull-out couch. I amazed myself being able to do this with the c-section and all. That’s motherhood I guess.

Not sure if it’s because of the jaundice but Mimi has been an angel baby so far. Feeding peacefully and sleeping easily for hours. I had to wake her up to feed her because the doctors told me I needed to feed her more often to get the jaundice out of her system. It gave me space to rest and recover. However, of late, she has a colicky period of a few hours once a day, generally evening or night. Still much much better than Benji though. Fingers crossed.

Benji’s reaction to Mimi was… interesting. The first time he saw her in her bassinet, he was excited. Then she started wailing and he got distressed. After that he was weirded out by her. He tends to be fond of babies but I think she was too alien looking for him. Also every time he saw me carrying her he would yell. It seemed like he was jealous but I couldn’t fathom why because he had enough people to pay attention to him. But after the first couple of days he seems to be warming to her. He tend to make grabs for her or try to poke parts of her face so we have to watch him carefully. But now he’s learning to be gentler with her and to not get upset when she cries.