4. I think it’s perfectly normal for people to contemplate suicide. I’m pretty sure most of my closest friends have. In fact, I’m surprised more people don’t.  Having tried myself I know it’s very hard and it must take a terrible life for someone to actually go through with it considering there are no neat ways to end ones life but thinking about it… doesn’t everybody? Apparently not. When I ticked yes to “have you  contemplated harming yourself” on the post-partum depression questionnaire, I was referred to a psychiatric nurse. I pointed out that:

a. thinking about offing myself is something of a defense mechanism as it makes me feel I have an escape route


b. I’m positive I wouldn’t actually do it because, for one, it’s  too damn painful ii. I love my kids too much so I’m kind of stuck till they’re ugh 30 or so when they hopefully won’t be needing me.

She wasn’t convinced though.