Up: At 2 am. Literally. To feed baby. This is normal.

Down: Baby does not sleep till 6 am.

Up: Get 2 hour nap from 7 am to 9 am. Wake up feeling refreshed.

Down: Realised V asked helpers to bottle feed baby expressed milk instead of waking me, throwing feeding schedule into disarray.

Up: Feed Mimi at 10 am and schedule seems to be ok. Leave for manicure which V bought for me on one of those group buying websites he seems addicted to. In retrospect a bad idea as I really don’t have time for this sort of stuff. But by the time I leave for it, I’m feeling like it’s a good idea.

Down: Manicure lady calls when 10 minutes away from the not-very-conveniently located place saying she will be half an hour late as she is at the doctor. Ends up being an hour late.

Up: Manicure lady apologises profusely and manicure turns out to be fairly good. Have a nice chat with her while nails are drying.

Down: My next appointment was supposed to be with counsellor-type person for alleged post-partum depression. Calls to cancel because she is sick. WTH. Everyone seems to be sick today. Not that I am going to off myself soon or something but was quite looking forward to venting.

Up: Decide to go buy myself jeans instead. Sick of wearing maternity jeans that make me look like a hip hop type gone wrong. Manage to find pair that fits new size and is fairly cheap and hence ok to be discarded when resume old size (optimistic I know).

Down: Manicure entirely ruined trying on jeans. What exactly is the point of sitting for half and hour drying nails when one can do nothing with hands after that also?

Moral of the story: Avoid manicures – the time spent sitting and drying nails is one of the most boring activities ever invented, even worse than when the facialist puts a mask on you and leaves the room. And even after all that time your nails are not safe. Better just to cut nails and get on with it.